Above are pictures of a deck remodel. The problem with the above deck was more than met the eye. It had structural issues, among other things. This deck was beautifully refinished and is much stronger than it once was.

Above are pictures of a bathroom remodel. We replaced the old shower, tub, vanity, tile, and mirrors; and gave the bathroom a modern cozy feel.

Above are pictures of an insulation and drywall job we did on a 24×24 garage.

Pictures of a modern looking tile floor we did. We were pleased with the result.

Above are photos of a swing frame we built. The two verticle posts are 8 ft tall and the horizontal post is 12 ft long. We dug into the ground two Feet and placed the posts in the holes, poured concrete, and let mother nature do the rest. Super sturdy swing. Two more children swings will be added to each side of the swing.


We also replace light fixtures and ceiling fans.